April 2006        Click on a picture below to view a larger image

04/08 - New dining room table, hutch and ceiling light.

04/08 - Closeup of ceiling light.

04/08 - New dining table and chairs.

04/08 - New ceiling fan in living room.

04/08 - Our new hutch.

04/08 - Fridge and stove delivered!

04/08 - Dishwasher in place but not hooked up yet. In the box is the micro range hood.

04/16 - Bottom two steps leading to the attic after stripping the dirt and old stain and varnish.

04/16 - Top step of stairs leading to basement. Underneath the brown stain is battleship gray!

04/20 - Microrange installed.

04/22 - Garden at 7:30am before taking out the weeds.

04/22 - Garden at 11:00am after taking out the weeds. We left the rhubarb, peonies and tulip for now.