February 2006        Click on a picture below to view a larger image

South wall of the dining room painted marigold and looking towards the living room.

Close-up of the cool wall switch we picked up from Greenfield Village in Michigan.

A better shot of the south dining room wall showing the marigold color.

99.9% of the glue is gone!

Wall of the dining room, looking towards the kitchen. Just have to fix the ceiling now...

View of the basement ceiling with the new suspended ceiling grid and some of the tiles in place.

Looking towards the left side of the office area. That's the basement bathroom behind the new drywall.

In the kitchen, looking towards the dining room. That's the new Carmel color on the walls.

In the south bedroom looking out towards the hallway. Primer on the walls. Getting ready to paint the new color!

View from the bar area looking towards TV and bookcase alcove. Can lights installed and rest of tiles in place.

Another view of the family room looking towards hallway and refrigerator alcove.

Wider view of bar area.

Looking down the hallway from the computer area towards the family room. Hallway can light installed.

Looking at future computer area. Can lights installed and framing for ductwork in place.

Looking up at the ceiling of the basement hallway.