Chronicling our purchase and renovation of a bungalow in Skokie. Built in 1926, this 2 bedroom, 1,400 sq. ft bungalow is in pretty good condition inside and out. It has central air and the electrical has been updated to bring in 100 amps.

Hardwood floors, hiding under the green carpet, and crown molding throughout the rooms (never painted) are some of the other highlights. Kitchen is "functionally depreciated", meaning outdated, so we plan on remodeling that first. We plan on installing new ceramic tile, cabinets, sink, dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator. There is a swing door between the dining room and kitchen. Maybe we can install a pocket door. Who knows?

Have any thoughts you'd like to share? Or would like to volunteer your time to help? I can only offer payment in pizza and beer. I'll even buy Guinness! Send an email to We'd love to hear from you!

10/29/06 - Installed 6 combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarms in the house. Really makes the ceilings look ugly, but what are you going to do? Also ran an electrical outlet to the outside of the front of the house. Wired it with a digital timer switch inside the house. Now I can run holiday lights like everyone else on the block. Look out Griswald, here I come!

10/28/06 - We've been doing some interior work. Mostly little things like remaining wood trim. Earlier last week we did a bunch of yard work. Thinned out the hedges in the back yard. The hedges had gotten out of control and needed to be cut back. Lot of dead branches, and branches that reached 4 feet across. Of course the long branches were intertwined with other bushes next to them. We also put in a raised planter bed in the front yard and cut back the two evergreens. One of them is so scrawny and thin we don't know if it'll come back. We gave it a couple of fertilizer spikes and hope for the best come spring. See the picture of the front of the house in the October 2006 section. All summer long I've been weeding the lawns by hand. Finally the hard work has paid off, at least in the back yard. Not one weed! Front yard is not 100% weed free, but it's a lot better. Put down some weed and feed for the winter, so hopefully I won't be on my hand and knees next year!

10/6/2006 - We're back! Sorry about not updating the site since May, a lot has been going on since then though. So here's a quick update.


First and foremost, we have moved in! We still need to move a bunch of stuff from my apartment, but for the most part we've been living at the house since mid-September. We're still working on the basement, and a few other items on the first floor, but I'd say we were about 90% done on the first floor and about 70% done in the basement.


The website: A couple of reasons I haven't updated the site is that, previously, I had published the site using my Comcast account. While it's part of the monthly fee, there are limitations. Namely storage space. They only give about 25mb for web space. I had already reached that limit and found it difficult to keep uploading pictures and content. I could have spent time creating another email account and split the web page between the two accounts, but I think that would be more of a maintenance nightmare for me. I came across an ad for a web hosting company called They advertised a total annual cost of less than $90 per year. And that was for their business class hosting. It would've been even less if I had gone with the home/personal account. So I'm in the process of moving over the content and slowly updating the site. Another reason for not updating the site was that right at the end of May, the company I work for, moved to a new location. So I've been dealing with the new IT infrastructure and getting things settled.


Hopefully I'll get on track here shortly and continue to update the site in a more timely manner.


See the Update Archive for past ramblings