January 2006        Click on a picture below to view a larger image

Paint stripped from the doors in the kitchen. From left, attic, pantry and backdoor.

Framing the bar area. Rectangular area framing yellow/white tile will be where 30 gallon aquarium will be.

Looking where audio/visual equipment will go (lower right) and microwave (center). Drywall is next!

Area of the wall just behind the front door. Can you see the color?

Here's a better shot of the color. The white area to the right is the dining room wall.

Gone! No more fireplace. Mirror is next.

Rest of the plaster removed from the kitchen wall. Drywall going up soon.

Finally! Here are the two new security doors at the back of the house. The front one is the same style.

Drywall's up! View from the future bar area looking towards future bookcase and TV area.

Looking at the future bar area, aquarium and fridge area.

Future bookcase area on right, door leading to storage area and furnace room.

A look at the kitchen towards the corner where the future sink will be.

Looking at the wall of the kitchen where the oven/range hood will go.

Here's the shower area with the durock and greenboard.

Looking to the right of the bathroom door. Just more greenboard. Kind of boring right?

Other corner of the bathroom. Soon to be tiled.

One of the outlet areas where they patched what the electrician tore out in order to install outlets.

East wall of the kitchen.

Family room in the basement showing (l to r) bookcase area and big screen tv area.

Looking at bar area. Fridge alcove, aquarium window and audio/video area (lower right). Almost there!

South dining room wall primed.

South kitchen wall primed.

Floor of the bathroom with the vinyl flooring removed and some of the glue as well. Smelly job.

Gas meter moved from the head knocking position! Yay!