March 2006        Click on a picture below to view a larger image

Some of the boxed cabinets after we inspected and moved them to the basement.

Drywall up on the basement soffit.

Light in the hallway entry area.

Light in the hallway between the bedrooms.

Gives you a sense of what the bar area will look like with the fridge in place. And, NO, we're not keeping this fridge.

Temporarily moved our microwave into the space designed for one.

Looking from the living room towards the dining room. Can't really see the paint, but it's the same color as in the kitchen. Carmel I think...

Looking at the fireplace area. Mirror is staying for now.

Shot of the dining room walls and ceiling. Removed all the old window shades too!

Here's our neighbor's car across the street. Only place to sit is the drivers seat. Skokie PD put the abandoned car sticker on it too. Lovely.

03/21 - Sanded floors in the north bedroom.

03/21 - Sanded floors in the south bedroom.

03/21 - Different stain choices. Nan picked the top center stain. Colonial Maple.

03/21 - Corner of the dining room where they replaced the wood where original floor register used to be.

03/21 - Living room floor looking towards the fireplace area.

03/24 - Living room floor looking towards fireplace.

03/24 - Looking from living room into dining room.

03/24 - Looking from one of the bedrooms down the hall.

03/24 - North bedroom.

03/24 - Kitchen floor.

03/24 - Dining room floor, looking towards living room.

03/25 - Kitchen cabinets!

03/25 - Looking at the area where future stove and microwave/range hood will go.

03/25 - View where dishwasher will go.

03/25 - Corner sink view.

03/25 - Another view.


03/25 - Looking down the wall.

03/26 - Tub area showing shower head area.

03/26 - Back wall of bathroom. We're going to replace the window with a new Pella.

03/26 - Vanity area. Can't wait until we get the vanity and toilet installed!