November 2005        Click on a picture below to view a larger image

11/05/05 - Original sink was located behind fridge. Now it is under window.

11/05/05 - It's more bx tentacles coming out of the wall! Another live unconnected wire was found!

11/05/05 - You can see the outline of the large walk-in pantry before they took it down.

11/05/05 - Closer view of the former pantry area.

11/05/05 - Look at those floors. Too bad they used a lot of ring shank nails for the underlayment.

11/06/05 - Look! No tile!

11/06/05 - Other side of wall.

11/06/05 - Removed all of the window trim to get to the plaster and lath.

11/06/05 - It's a pain reaching up towards the ceiling.

11/06/05 - Hole in the wall used to be the medicine cabinet. Say goodbye to the toilet!

11/07/05 - Here's a shot of the floor tile. The blue and white tile was hiding under the vanity.

11/07/05 - It refuses to leave!

11/11/05 - Carpenter framed out the kitchen wall. He's got everything ready to go for our cabinets.

11/11/05 - Now we just have to pick the cabinets!

11/19/05 - Glass block installed!

11/19/05 - You can just see the blue Cat5e dangling from the joists.