20 October 2005 - 31 October 2005        Click on a picture below to view a larger image

10/20/05 Look! Hardwood floors!

10/22/05 View of the bathroom mirror/medicine cabinet, wallpaper and tile.

10/22/05 View of the living room after taking out the carpet, drapes and some of the drape hardware.

10/22/05 Second bedroom. Taking out the carpet, one of the base boards, and all of the window casing. Stripping all the paint off the windows.

10/22/05 View of the second bedroom floor. Door to left is leading to "sun room" and right door is closet.

10/26/05 View of the door leading into kitchen. Remember the wallpaper? All gone!

10/26/05 Looking from the first bedroom down the hall into the second bedroom.

10/26/05 No more tile in the entry way area!

View of the bathroom in the basement. Here's the paneling that's so common in a lot of basements.

Area of basement that is now opened up. There was a wall directly in front and another along the support columns. Another large mirror was on the wall

Another shot showing the furnace and water heater now.

Corner of the basement showing the laundry area and electrical box.

Here's the dining room ceiling. The white area is the paper and the tan is the glue/paint. A travesty.

Another corner of the dining room ceiling.